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Pex vs. Copper & CPVC Piping – Which Is Best?

While technicians at White Knight Plumbing can do repairs to any type of existing plumbing system, we use Pex piping and fittings to do most repairs and in all of our new construction projects.

pex piping

Here is why we use Pex Piping:

It is clean!

Unlike metal piping pex is immune to corrosion and mineral build-up, also, it uses no glue’s, solders or solvents to assemble which keeps potentially dangerous chemicals out of plumbing systems.

It is efficient!

Pex plumbing systems retain more heat in hot water lines and resist condensation on cold water lines. It will not burst in freezing conditions like metal piping will, which causes costly repairs. It is not affected by electrolysis which can cause small pin hole leaks in copper piping.

It is quiet and reliable!

Pex piping dampens rushing water noise making a quieter plumbing system so no more pipes that sing, whistle or make clunking noises in the wall or under the floor.

It is proven and guaranteed!

Pex piping has been around for more than 35 years with over 12 billion feet of tubing installed worldwide and is backed by a 25 year warranty when installed by a trained professional.

Pex vs. CPVC and Copper         PEX            CPVC            COPPER

Resists corrosion,                    YES              YES                NO
pitting and scaling

Requires use of                        NO              YES                YES
torches, glues, solvents

Dampens rushing                     YES              NO                NO
water noise, eliminates
clunking and singing pipes

Retains heat in hot water          YES              YES               NO
lines and resists condensation
on cold water lines

Flexible, eliminating                 YES              NO                NO
fittings and potential
leak points

Freeze resistant                       YES              NO                NO