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PEX Tubing vs. Copper Piping: Pro’s and Con’s

Even if you are far from being a plumbing expert, there are some plumbing basics that can help you select the best type of piping for your home. There are a couple of choices available, and there are some significant differences between them. The two choices most commonly seen in plumbing today are PEX tubing and Copper piping. Each has pros and cons, so it all comes down to personal choice. To help in your decision making process, the advantages and drawbacks of each are listed below.

PEX Tubing: Benefits and Drawbacks

PEX tubing has some major advantages. PEX is often much less expensive then copper tubing, and due to this it is growing in popularity. PEX can easily be used in nearly any plumbing system, and it can be combined with both metal and PVC. Since PEX is highly flexible, it can be installed very quickly and uses less fittings.

PEX tubing cannot be exposed to UV lighting.

Copper Piping: Benefits and Drawbacks

Copper Piping is a more expensive plumbing choice and has been around the longest. Copper can be recycled, unlike PEX. Copper can also be used both inside and outdoors.

Copper’s expense is one of the big drawbacks, since it can be twice as costly as PEX. Another drawback is that copper plumbing can sometimes give a metallic twang to water. Freezing weather is the enemy of copper piping, because it can freeze and break, so longevity is not always guaranteed.

Both PEX and Copper have some important advantages, so it is best to give careful consideration to each before choosing the right one for your home. Your plumbing is something you will be using for many years, possibly a lifetime, so take your time making your selection.