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Leaking Faucets & Toilets

Dripping faucets are more than annoying…they are also expensive. It is estimated that a faucet that is dripping 30 drips per minute will waste 1041 gallons per year. Even small leaks can waste a significant amounts of water. If your leak is on the hot side of your faucet it is not only a waste of water but also the energy used to heat the water.


Leaks inside the toilet can waste up to 200+ gallons of water a day. Toilet leaks can be detected by adding a few drops of food coloring or a leak detector tablet into the water in the toilet tank. If the colored water appears in the bowl, the toilet is leaking.

If you have leaking faucets or toilet, stop pouring money down the drain and call White Knight Plumbing today. We will send out a licensed technician to trouble shoot and repair your problem